Obscure Slovak and Czech books seek good home

I have been ruthless of late in getting rid of things, especially books, but there are some books that took such trouble to obtain during my fieldwork that I cannot easily part with them unless I know that nobody else wants them.  As a result, I will post here a list of book titles (and pictures of the book spines, if that helps) and see if anybody out there wants them.  Please feel free to forward this to anybody who might care.  And because I want these books to find a good home, I will even pay the postage in the US or Canada and if you want me to send it across an ocean we can probably figure something out.

    Here’s the list.  Pictures below.

    • Capek: Loupeznik, RUR, Bila nemoc
    • Capek: Masaryk on thought and life
    • Capek: Spisy XX.  Hovory s T.G. Masarykem
    • Gajdos and Pasak: Vyvoj socioalno-ekologickej situace slovenskej spolocnosti
    • Gellner: Narody a nacionalismus
    • Hasek: Svejk (in Czech)
    • Havlicek Borovsky: Zivotni dilo
    • Hrabal: Tri novely
    • Janic: Roky bez domoviny
    • Jug-Kranjec: Slovenscina za tujce
    • Kusy: Eseje
    • Kusy: Na vlnach slobodnej Europy
    • Mistrik: Grammar of Contemporary Slovak
    • Pisarcikova and Michalus: Maly synonymicky slovnik
    • Prochazka: Chopin and Bohemia
    • Radvan: Stara Trnava v obrazoch
    • Samalik: Obcanska spolecnost
    • Sutaj: Obcianske politicke strany na Slovensku v rokoch 1944-1948
    • Tolstoy: Anna Kareninova (Czech)
    • Toqueville: Demokracie v Americe I and II

    Other books whose authors I did not manage to write down:

    • Anglicko-Cesky Frekvencni Slovnik
    • Berliz Czech phrasebook and dictionary
    • Biblia (in Czech)
    • Cesko-Anglicky Slovnik (2 copies)
    • Colloquial Czech
    • Croatian English: Poslovno-Upravni Rjecnik
    • Czech for English-Speaking Students
    • Das politische System in der Habsburgermonarchie
    • Dejiny hospodarstvi Ceskych zemi od pociatku industrializace do soucasnosti
    • Do you want to speak Czech and Chcete jeste lepe mluvit cesky
    • Etnokulturelle processe in Gross-stadten Mitteleuropas
    • Etnologicky rozpravy 1/1994
    • Funkcia prezidenta v ustavnych systemoch
    • Human Identity
    • Karpaty (a picture book about the Carpathian mountains)
    • Kratky slovnik slovenskeho jazyka
    • Leute in der Grossstadt
    • Maly frazeologicky slovnik
    • Mowimy po polsku
    • Narodnopisna kniznice
    • O slobode a spravedlivost
    • Otvorena spolecnost
    • Politicke elity v Ceskoslovensku 1918-1948
    • Postavenie Rusinov-Ukraincov na Slovensku 1948-1953
    • Ruzemberok in pictures
    • Slovensko-cesky a cesko slovensky slovnik: slovnik rozdilnych vyrazu
    • Slovnik slovenskeho slangu
    • Sovetska okupace Ceskoslovenska 1969-1970
    • Tisic let cesko-nemeckych vztahu
    • Trh prace a socialne dosledky. Ekonomickej reformy v Slovenskej republika
    • Issues of Slovo

    2 thoughts on Obscure Slovak and Czech books seek good home

    1. to fakt? sak su tam skvosty! len na prvy pohlad Mowimi po polsku a Capka by som hned zobral :)

    2. Ahoj! I’m interested in learning Czech, but am barely a beginner. Does the offer still stand for your books? Most of these would be too much for me, but the Colloquial Czech and Czech for English-Speaking Students would be a big help. I would also love the Hrabal (seems like it would be easy enough to compare the original and the translation). I hope to hear from you soon. Na shledanou.

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