Slovakia Public Opinion Resources

I have just posted my archive of public opinion polling resources for Slovakia from 2002 to the present on a google spreadsheet:

In an ideal world, the producers of Slovakia’s opinion data would themselves provide a service of this sort (and FOCUS has come close) but since this does not seem immediately forthcoming, it is easy for me to do it here.  As an aggregator, furthermore, I have the advantage of being able to compare multiple polls to one another, which individual providers may not be willing or able to do.

In addition to the general archive listed above, the archive has two pages that are designed for quick review:

A year-in-review page showing developments since the 2006 parliamentary election

An at-a-glance review of the current status and the most recent three months, including explicit comparisons of results from various polling firm.

The spreadsheet contains graphs and tables tracking the following:

Share of party support:

Share of seats (if elections were held today):

Share of bloc support:

My hope is to update this spreadsheet on a monthly basis (or more frequently as polling data becomes available). 

The Rebirth of Pozorblog, Mark II

The coming year on this blog promises to be a more active one. The reasons are all good in their own right:

  • Google spreadsheets has finally added a graph function which permits the development of a useful on-line archive of Slovak public opinion resources.
  • Fulbright has been generous enough to grant us six months in Bratislava. In return, I have promised to disseminate findings, speculations and impressions via this blog (among other places)
  • A Wayne State “citizenship and technology” initiative has added a new area of focus to my work and for which this kind of page is essential.

Future posts will contain more on each of these.