Update: SF on the Verge

One brief note: Despite the internal conflicts within SF, the latest MVK opinion poll shows no decrease, and in fact shows a slight increase over the party’s results in the MVK poll of two weeks ago (from 6.8 to 7.5).  It is notable, however, that MVK chair Haulik singles out SF for its risk of falling below the threshold rather than KSS which actually polled only 4.8% in the same survey.  While MVK is not publishing the data, Haulik alludes to significant weakness in the committment of those who list SF as their main preference.  This is no surprise since it echos the findings of FOCUS/IVO and UVVM.  As before, polls above 5% do not mean that SF is safe (though this one is important for bucking the otherwise emerging trend), but should the remaining poll numbers for SF drop below 5%, the party is in big trouble.

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