Sean Hanley waxes eloquent on Sovereignty

Excellent post today by Sean Hanley on the potential of the “new”(ish) Czech Party “Sovereignty” which perfectly corresponds to all that is interesting to me about the region’s politics these day:

Sovereignty’s politics are straightforward:   a mix of Czech nationalism, euroscepticism and the anti-elite, outsider rhetoric that many people like to call populism. It is, its website makes clear, a party ‘…defending the interests of citizens of the Czech Republic…’ with the conservatve-nationalist strap-line “Law, Labour, Order”

Full post is here:

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  1. Suverenita’s leader (Jan Bobošíková) is also a person that has already tried to get elected into high posts several times and it is fairly safe to assume that she has no real political/ideological basis, she just want to get elected and/or get some profit from it.

    She first appeared during the so called television crisis. After that she probably realised that she could capitalise on the fact that her face was suddenly popularly known.

    She usually used populistic parties – she joined hands with Vladimír Železný who run for european parliament apparently to get criminal immunity. Later she run for presidency against Václav Klaus – she was nominated by communists. Now that nationalistic/populistic/etc type of politics is popular, she makes sure to support Klaus to get into his favour and ride on his wave. She also runs for presidency now (recently she failed to get into the Senate). I think that neither her nor her party can be taken seriously and luckily she isn’t very likely to get successful in elections.

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