You’re a mean one, Mr. Z.

Congratuations to MF Dnes for publishing one of the most sinister images of a politician I’ve ever seen.  (“No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”)  It is also, in its way, one of the most beautiful.  Click on the image to see Milos Zeman’s hard-earned lines and crags.

Unfortunately, I think the text contains a misprint, suggesting that Zeman rejects Islam as “anticivilization” because of it’s relationship to women. I think Zeman actually was referring to something else even nearer to his heart.  Here’s the correct version, I think:

3 thoughts on You’re a mean one, Mr. Z.

  1. Perhaps equally interesting are Zeman’s views – and the fact he has come out with them so bluntly – and the way that various ex-Social Democrats are drifting towards radical right-ish (and eurosceptic) positions

  2. Actually, I think perhaps they are trying to make him look like an ageing Geert Wilders…

  3. Given the jezovec’s favourite tipple perhaps it should read ‘k becherovku’!

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