Euroblindness, again, briefly

EurovisionDouglas Muir at A Fistful of Euros has interesting things to say about a Radio Free Europe report that “Azerbaijani Authorities Interrogate Music Fan Over Eurovision Vote For Armenia” So maybe my unhealthy interest in Eurovision isn’t completely irrevant.  (Update: even the New York Times finds this interesting:

In any case, it is an odd coincidence that an article about this particular interest should come to me on the same day (I’m a bit behind in reading my RSS feeds) that my inclination toward graphic design blogs led me toVisual Complexity’s article about Baris Gumustas’ visualization tool for Eurovision voting.  The static images are quite striking but the animated visualization is even more remarkable, far more beautiful than the show itself:

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  1. Azerbaijan made a lot to be denied on Eurovision 2009. The contest is quite liberal, however it’s too cheeky to use the pan-european show as their own national political instrument.
    Nevertheless Azerbaijan is allowed to take part in Eurovision 2010. It’s a really polite step from the EBC.

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