Election Day: OMV Numbers

Polls have closed and Pravda is promising preliminary results in a few minutes, but all we’ve got for the moment is their republication of the OMV results based on an enormous (8,000 person) sample.  The results of that survey are not particularly surprising given what we’ve seen elsewhere (see below).  The interesting thing is how well this will correspond to actual results.  Even with the best, latest results possible, some other kinds of calculations may still be necessary.  That is really the point of this blog and the results of this election will provide us with a lot more data for understanding the differences between polls and results.  More on that soon.


































  Percent Change from last
SMER-SD 26.70 (1.60)
ĽS-HZDS 10.30 (0.80)
SMK 10.00 (0.60)
KDH 9.60 (0.20)
SNS 11.80 2.00
SDKÚ 13.60 1.50
SF 4.30 (0.70)
KSS 5.90 1.10
HZD 1.50 0.20
ANO 2.70 (0.10)

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