The results so far (close to definitive)

I am going to bed as Slovakia is waking up.  The result tonight is a big win for Smer, bigger than expected.  Smer did what it set out to do in this election: avoid mistakes, avoid scaring people, letting the other side self destruct. 

Party Votes Seats
Smer 44.85 84
KDH 8.76 16
OL 8.46 16
Most-Hid 6.94 13
SDKU 5.79 11
SaS 5.56 10
Totals 80.36 150

None of the parties of the right did as well as they polling would have suggested except for the not-really-a-party-at-all (and it’s built into the name) OLaNO.  So we have 1 large left party and 5 small right parties.  There are no explicitly Slovak national parties, for the first time in Slovakia’s history, and three of the parties did not exist 3 years ago.   And nearly 20% of the vote went to parties receiving less than 5%. 

How this story fits together will have to wait until (my) tomorrow (and probably a lot longer than that).

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  1. Waw! So exact estimations! More exact than both Slovakian Agencies MVK and POLIS. I think we’ll see in 4 years again by your forecasts.

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