Back from vacation–and into the Monkey Cage

Apologies to readers for the long absence thanks, for a change, to a real vacation.  As nice as it was to go away it’s nice to be back.  And there is no nicer way to return to blogging life than to do so with a review of the 2010 Slovak Elections in The Monkey Cage, by a long margin my favorite professional blog–one that manages to link political science and issues of popular concern without demeaning either one.  Soon I’ll repost here on this blog a modified version of that post with a few graphs, but until I get to that, you can read the original piece here and, I hope, subscribe to the Monkey Cage RSS feed.  And watch here for all of the now obsolescent Slovak-election-related stuff that I couldn’t help thinking about during vacation.

1 thought on Back from vacation–and into the Monkey Cage

  1. Kevin, it is a pity you could not be with us in the IVO seminar on V4 elections of 8 July. I speculated about the new “anti-corruption” competitive line creating a temporary “competitive super-axis” by linking the positions on it with positions on the dominant socio-economic line… I am supposed to finish a draft text for the book soon so that Olga and Vlado have the opportunity to look for some substantiation of the speculation in the data from the post-election poll. I will send you a draft for comments.

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