eCitizenship and libraries: A few of my favorite things


One of the sessions at the recent eCitizenship conference brought together librarians with students and faculty interested in civic engagement.  The results demonstrate what learned several years ago: that librarians get web2.0 technology better than anybody else I know and are keen to make effective use of the technology to bring people together.  Thanks to Wayne State’s Next Generation Librarian, Mike Sensiba put the technology into action to record and post audio of the session.  The file is big but it streams nicely:

While I’m at it, thanks to the Director of Libraries at Macmaster University, Jeff Trzeciak for clueing me in to the technology in the first place, to the Louisville Free Public Library and MIT Design Laboratory for putting the future of libraries into ten memorable points, to the Director of the Ferndale Public Library, Doug Raber for indulging me in continued conversation on the topic and making it happen in my own community, and most recently to Darlene Hellenberg and Kelly Bennett of that same library for having had the brilliant idea to move library book discussions to the local bar.  Well done all.

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