Conservative Democrats of Slovakia

I saw the logo of the Conservative Democrats of Slovakia (KDS) for the first time today (apparently I live a sheltered life; or maybe it’s the party).

My first thought was that it was a surprisingly attractive and iconic design for a party that seemed to take so long to get its act together.  My second, and rather less charitable thought was that it is less than ideal for a party with less than 1% support in the polls to choose the asterisk as its symbol.  Or perhaps this, too, is just a clever way to sneak into the public opinion polls:

Smer, 44%
SDKU, 13%


My third thought related to the design.  Am I mistaken in thinking that this is merely the existing KDH (Christian Democratic Movement) logo
KDH logo
With an X through it?
You decide:
KDH and KDS Logos

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