Campaign Billboards

There is more polling analysis to come, but I want to post some more immediate evidence of the campaign: campaign billboard photos taken by Martin Votruba of the University of Pittsburgh and his brief commentary.

Martin Votruba writes:
Here are my renditions/explanations rather than regular translations:

SF = A circle for # 80 (preferential voting?); [we] thank you; Decent life, here and now


SNS = Slovak Government for the Slovaks; We vote for SNS


SNS = We are Slovaks!  We vote for SNS


SDKU = What’s at issue is [freely: the/our goal is] quality education and strong economy


SDKU = What’s at issue for us is [freely: "our goal is"] a successful Slovakia


Smer = Towards [facing] people. ["In people’s direction"]


KDH = For real values. For family. For you.; For a decent life in Slovakia.


HZD = The President trusts us. Vote for his program!


ANO = She? Yes/ANO!!! Separation of Church(es) and state


ANO = She? Yes/ANO!!! English [language classes?] for everyone

ANO = She? Yes/ANO!!!; A thirteenth pension [to be paid each December]


I don’t have any by HZDS at the moment, but I saw a few.  They’re harder to read from a passing car because they have a bit (just a bit) more text than the ones I include, and rather than people, they show some cartoon character(s) like from an animated commercial.

I find the layout of all these ads strikingly ( boringly) similar, and their overwhelming emphasis on faces rather than slogans somewhat unexpected since people are asked to vote for a party, not for their own local candidate: I’m not sure to what degree some of the faces are widely recognizable.  Overall, I consider the ones by ANO more inventive than the others, although not by much since their layout is equally uninventive.  But they at least have that word play (ona/ano) with their female candidates.

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