Minor details

As I wait until the final results, a few tidbits:

  • 99% gets 1.6%
  • HZDS which once dreamt of 99% gets less than 0.99%
  • +1 Vote, is on track to get 699+1 Vote

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  • What Direction now? Skipping vodka, at least for the moment it would seem, the winner, leaning to the right, celebrated with Coca Cola: tinyurl “dot” com “slash” 7gtkayv

  • kdecay says:

    At least he didn’t say he was going to Disneyland…

  • No. And the Russian Pravda says on Monday (3/12) that “good times may begin for Russia” with this election, because “it is difficult to find a more pro-Russian politician in all of the European Union” than Robert Fico.

    His predecessors, by contrast, says the Russian Pravda, focused on the U.S., Germany, and Slovakia’s neighbors Poland, Hungary, and the Czech R., while Russia was “periphery” for them.

    All under the Russian Pravda’s headline “Slovakia Becomes the Most Pro-Russian [country] in the EU.”


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