Slovakia’s Presidential Election: Kiska wins

Hard to see how Fico wins at this point: 59:41, with the lead increasing but at a declining rate.

A friend of mine (who shall for the moment remain nameless) predicted 60:40 for Kiska.  Looks like she may be right.  I’d guess 60.5 to 39.5.

Turnout looks like maybe 52?  Slightly lower than 2009 second round.



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  • Michael Roberts says:

    Where, if anywhere, did Fico come out on top? What does that say about the Smer political machine? And what did Kiska do to win?

  • kdecay says:

    He did win in the east and parts of the center and north:
    I am working up a report on this but it is pretty clear that he did manage to increase his turnout but not enough (and not as high as in the last parliamentary election). It’s also a big stretch to go from a plurality to a majority, especially if your opponent manages to attract the voters of the right (the anti-Fico voters) as well as those who are disillusioned with both sides. It looks like that’s what happened.


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