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Czech Election Update: Time for the Bigger Picture

A third post on the Czech election. There is a lot to say. I will begin by not quite rejecting the strong temptation to direct criticism to Dnes for celebrating the record high number of women in the new Czech parliament by adorning the article with a drawing of a topless woman and then inviting […]

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Infinite Recursion

This headline is from Vice Premier Dusan Caplovic is too piquant to ignore: “Protirómsky extrémizmus je importovaný od susedov” Literal translation: Anti-Roma extremism is imported from neighbors Metaphorical translation: Foreigners are the cause of all of our problems including our xenophobia. Slovak national extremists apparently are keen to learn from their Hungarian counterparts.  Could this […]

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Euroblindness II: Curse of the Habsburgs?

I could not bring myself to watch last night’s semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest (the finals will be enough, thank you) but I was amused to find this morning that virtually my entire region of study was wiped out in the voting over the last several days.  Thanks to a Wikipedia map (wow, that […]

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