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Obscure Slovak and Czech books seek good home

I have been ruthless of late in getting rid of things, especially books, but there are some books that took such trouble to obtain during my fieldwork that I cannot easily part with them unless I know that nobody else wants them.  As a result, I will post here a list of book titles (and […]

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Party Personal-ism

I didn’t think that I would need to be the one to do this, but somebody needs to do make a visual comment on what passes for party building on the Czech left.  So I guess it’s up to me and Adobe Photoshop. We saw this kind of love story in 2010, the two partners coming […]

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Getting smart

The European Consortium on Political Research has, after ten years, “re-launched its newsletter,” a fact I mention here because in addition to the fact that its editors did a particularly nice job with it, they were kind enough to give me the chance to publish a few thoughts about the organization’s amazing Joint Sessions of […]

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