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More January 2008 UVVM

More UVVM Monthly Report for January Google’s new graphing application makes it easy to add a few other graphs, so I offer them here. More analysis in future posts. non-coalition parties shows three clear intervals: the small advantage held by today’s coalition parties (though they were not then in coalition) before the 2006 election, the […]

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Bratislava, Fico and January 2008 UVVM

I am just now beginning to realize how fantastic it is to be here and why I have loved this place since the first time I came here (actually not the very first, but I will leave that story for another post). After a balmy winter weekend of walking around the city, I am now […]

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Goat Street

Note for the New Year: as part of a grant to study Slovakia’s political parties (funded by the Fulbright Program and organized with great efficiency by the remarkable staff at Fulbright’s Bratislava office: I have committed to regular posts on my research and other impressions of life and work in Slovakia. This is what […]

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