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May Opinion Polls

The May polls are now all out (now that the firm MVK  has released its results) and we can look to see what changed in May.  The big news is that there is no real news.  The overall pattern remains largely the same with only minor changes from March (the last time I did the […]

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Campaign Billboards

There is more polling analysis to come, but I want to post some more immediate evidence of the campaign: campaign billboard photos taken by Martin Votruba of the University of Pittsburgh and his brief commentary. Martin Votruba writes:Here are my renditions/explanations rather than regular translations: SF = A circle for # 80 (preferential voting?); [we] […]

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Coalitions, At Last

THE SUREST WAY TO KILL A BLOG, it is said, is to miss regular postings.  By that standard, I firmly planted this page in the grave when I left a month ago to shepherd students around Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Nevertheless, there is a month left before Slovakia’s election and there is a lot […]

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